Monday, September 1, 2008


Is China More Techno Advanced than the United States?

We have learned today that Residents of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, located at the southern coast of China, can now use cell phones to pay their subway fares. No longer will they need to purchase tokens, cards etc. they will just see their bill unified with their
cell phone bill.
Cell phone users interested in this service will need to request a installation of a small chip that makes their phone usable as the kind of rechargeable smart card used on public transportation.
As the service is jointly provided by Guangzhou public railways and China Mobile, cell phone clients of other telecommunication company are not eligible. The service is scheduled to be extended to buses as well.

I wonder when these types of services will make its way to the United States. is a online retailer offering discounted cell phone accessories for all brands and models. At all times is full stocked offering over 50,000 cell phone accessories and gadgets at rock-bottom prices.


Sunday, August 31, 2008


The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone, a Bluetooth Worth Getting.

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your cell phone while you drive. Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book. The Supertooth 3 announces the name or ID of the caller when the phone rings - just say 'OK' to accept the call.

The device requires no installation and is quickly and easily installed and connected to your cell phone, so this makes it a realy great and easy choice. Simply slide the metal clip onto your sun-visor and attach the Supertooth 3 via the magnets on the rear of the device. The voice prompts provide guidance and assistance to help pair the device and upload your cell phone's address book. When a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller's name or number. Simply say 'OK' to accept the call. There is no need to take your hands off the wheel or remove your eyes from the road.

Features included in the BlueAnt Supertooth 3

We did not test the BlueAnt Supertooth 3, but as far as we have heard from customers, this Bluetooth is wonderful and has some great reviews. offers the BlueAnt Supertooth 3 for only $89.99.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Finally a Cell Phone Device that will Get You Really Safe.

With the many devices available today for auto drivers, it's a wonder how people actually keep their eyes on the road. Afterall, one minute you look at your GPS and the next on your cell phone etc. That is why it's a wonderfull thing this Bluetooth rear mirror view car kit is available.

This Bluetooth enabled hands-free car kit complies with the latest road safety regulations, and is the safest Bluetooth car kit available today on the market. Instead of having to look on another device, this Bluetooth enable the driver to look on their rear view mirror and see the caller ID and other displays. This prevents having another distraction for the driver.

The wireless design of this Bluetooth car kit, makes it easy for installation as there is no need to modify any interior fittings within the vehicle. Simply clamp the unit onto your existing rear-view mirror, "pair" and go. Another option that the Bluetooth rear view mirror offers is a built in loudspeaker with gain and volume controls. But that's not all, it also comes along with a Bluetooth headset if your prefer to have more privacy.

The following are some of the great features:

• Bluetooth specification: 2.0

• USB software framework support.

• Full duplex, noise and echo suppression, DSP technology

• Enjoyment of using car speaker by 4 available frequencies setting.

• Besides the usage of the built-in rear speaker and earpiece for private conversation

• Can up and down trundle and redial the lasted 20 caller's number.

• Can turn over to check and redial the 200 telephone numbers that has saved.

• Optional of delete saving telephone number.

• Built-in microphone.
• The caller English name display (also avail in other languages upon request)

• Voice dialing and redialing.

• Call waiting function enable.

• High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery with standby time 168h

• One year warranty.

After testing it, I can confidently say that it's a good Bluetooth car kit and it's definitely worth the money. offers now this Bluetooth Rear View Mirror Car Kit at a very low price, being only $79.99.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


New BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset Just Released!

Up until this new Bluetooth device, the BlueAnt V1, Bluetooth wireless headsets for cell phones were really puzzling. How is someone supposed to control them with couple of unmarked buttons and get feedback from a single indicator light. It was a real puzzle to understand what the headset is trying to say when the LED is blinking that particular way? Do I press the big button or the small button, or both at once? The user interface was something of a mystery.

On Tuesday, August 26, BlueAnt Wireless launched the first headset, the $130 V1 headset which recognizes spoken English commands, and responds, also in English. Thus, removing the hardships involved in using a Bluetooth headset device.

The BlueAnt V1 can't do everything that a standard headset combined with a voice-recognizing phone can do, but it's a useful advance for an industry that's been focused on everything except ease of use.

Headsets are marketed based on how much ambient noise they suppress, how small they are and how long their batteries last. Yet little though is given on its easiness of use. About 20 percent of Bluetooth headsets sold are returned by customers, with a majority complaining on complication of use. When employees help the consumer connect a new headset to the customer's phone in the store, the return rate drops dramatically. These numbers clearly show that a lot of people find these things hard to set up.

With the BlueAnt V1, things are just different, this is what is done: Press the big button once, and voice says "Say a command." You say "Pair mode." Then the voice walks you through what to do on the phone to get it connected.

If you've forgotten the command words, you press the button and ask "What can I say?" The V1 will patiently go through all the command words it can accept. You can even ask The BlueAnt V1 whether the headset is connected to the phone, and how much battery charge is left.

When a call is received, the headset reads out the number, then asks whether you want to "answer" or "ignore" it. You don't need to touch the headset, as with competing models. Remember those years when people who talked loudly to unseen friends while walking down the sidewalk were considered crazy? Well now society will need to accept some more weird sounds, with people talking commands like "Ignore it", "Answer it" etc.

One drawback with this headset is that it's quite limited in the number of terms it can recognize, and there is no way to train it to recognize or say new phrases. This means that when you receive a call, it will read out the number, digit by digit. It can't just tell you "It's your wife calling again." Another big limitation is that you can't dial calls from the V1 by saying the name of someone in your phone's contacts list. You can however program 7 numbers that it can call for you.

The V1 costs double the price than the BlueAnt headsets without voice recognition, but it's of course worth the extra bucks, particularly if you have a phone that does not have voice recognition. will be offering the BlueAnt V1 Bluetooth Headset soon. Meanwhile rows our full selection of other BlueAnt Bluetooths. is a online cell phone accessories retailer, offering over 50,000 cell phone accessories at discounted prices. Browse the great selection of accessories and find out why so many people make their only stop for all their cell phone gadget needs.



Should Kids Come to School with Cell Phones?

Now that the Summer vacation is coming to an end, parents are starting to stock up on school supplies, uniforms etc. We feel that during this time it would be appropriate to discuss whether students should be allowed to posses cell phones while being on school grounds.

On a day-to-day basis, it can clearly be said that cell phones are disruptive to the educational environment. This has been the general position of many school districts over the years. Some schools banned pagers and cell phones starting a decade ago because of their connection to drug and gang activity, as well as due to the disruption to classes. However, parents have increasingly lobbied boards to change policies primarily based on the argument that phones will make students and schools safer in light of national tragedies.

We do agree that the use of such devices is more for convenience purposes today than it may have been 10 or more years ago. But from an educational perspective, cell phones present a great disruption problem to the educational environment on a day-to-day basis.

Why are Cell Phones Disruptive to School Environment
Ringing cell phones can disrupt classes and distract students who should be paying attention to their lessons at hand, forcing them to listen to the cell phones ringing tune rather then the lesson. Text messaging posses a problem that it's used for cheating on tests. And new cell phones with cameras could be used to take photos of exams.

Cell Phones for safety
In terms of school safety, cell phones have been used by students in a number of cases nationwide for calling in bomb threats to schools. In far too many cases, these threats have been difficult or impossible to trace since they have been made by cell phones. The use of cell phones by students during a bomb threat, and specifically in the presence of an actual explosive device, also presents a greater risk for potentially detonating the device as public safety officials typically advise school officials not to use cell phones, two-way radios, or similar communications devices during such threats.

Contributes to fear
Cell Phones and Text Messaging in Schools Contribute to School Rumors and Fear
We also track more and more school incidents across the nation where rumors have disrupted schools and have even resulted in decreased attendance due to fears of rumored violence. The issues of text messaging in particular, and cell phones in general, were credited with sometimes creating more anxiety and panic than any actual threats or incidents that may have triggered the rumors.

So should cell phones be in School Buildings?
School officials should maintain an adequate number of cell phones on campus for administrators, crisis team members, and other appropriate adults. Additionally, while not necessarily advocating that schools provide cell phones to teachers, we do believe that school policies should allow teachers and support staff to carry their cell phones if they choose to do so.
While a number of schools have looked at this issue, and some have reversed their past positions of prohibiting cells phone in schools, we find that the majority of schools have not done so. In fact, our 2002 national survey of school-based police officers shows that 68% of surveyed school-based police officers from across the nation believe that student use of cell phones in school would detract from school safety in a crisis and another 10% believe they would have neither a positive or negative influence. 81% of school resource officers indicated that their schools continue to not allow students to use cell phones in school, supporting our observations that the majority of schools have not reversed their prohibition of student use of cell phones in schools.

If students should b allowed to have cell phones in school or not, that's up to the school administration to decide, however parents should decide for themselves if they want their children to posses cell phones while attending school. is one of the largest online cell phone retailers, offering over 50,000 cell phone accessories at discounted prices. Find popular cell phone accessories such as Bluetooths, cell phone skins, cell phone cases and much more, all at discounted prices.


Monday, August 25, 2008


How is the Palm Centro Performing?

You can't walk two minutes these days without passing someone who is vividly engrossed in their Palm Centro phone, either texting, emailing or just yapping. Is it the phone of choice? let's explore its performance.

We tested the dual-band (CDMA 850; EV-DO) Palm Centro in New York using Sprint service, and had a mix in performance. On our side, there was a slight background hiss, but it wasn't bad enough to disrupt the conversations. The party on the other side of the line was impressed by how crisp and clear we sounded to them, and reported no issues. We experienced very similar results when using the Centro's speakerphone. Volume seemed soft and weak to us, even though we had audio set to the highest level. Voices were completely drowned out on louder streets, such as Manhattan streets. However, the other party told us we sounded clear and didn't even realize we had turned on the speakerphone. Paring the Centro to a Centro Bluetooth was a breeze, we had no problem pairing it.

The Centro is powered by a 312MHz Intel XScale processor, and the general performance was satisfactory. We didn't experience any significant or frustrating delays, but there was some sort of brief delay when waiting for streaming content or opening Office documents. We weren't surprised that music playback sounded weak through the phone's speakers, since we already had our experience with the speakerphone,as mentioned above.

The Palm Centro 1150mAh internal lithium ion battery is rated for 3 1/2 hours of talk time and up to 12 and 1/2 days of standby time. offers a large variety of accessories for the Palm Centro 690. Accessories that you wil find are Palm Centro 690 Bluetooth Headsets, Palm Centro 690 Batteries, Palm Centro 690 Bluetooth Car Kits, Palm Centro 690 Holsters, Palm Centro 690 Cell Phone Boosters and much more. is one of the largest online retailers of cell phone accessories. All accessories at are at discounted prices.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Review on the Motorola W755 Cell Phone.

The Motorola W755's solid feature set, ergonomic controls, and enjoyable call and video quality make it a reliable Verizon Wireless handset.

Bellow is a Review that we got from Susan W., a frequent customer residing in Los Angeles, California.

"I needed to simplify my life but still have a phone on which I could get my Gmail, if necessary, or check the weather, and listen to music while walking or on a plane, etc.Verizon's Motorola W755 is the best regular mobile phone I've ever used...period!

I'm a self-proclaimed geek and have tried several carriers and dozens of phones over the past 15 years, but this one gets my vote as the best to date. I purchased it after a brief iPhone stint when I finally saw the light and realized I had to either choose the network with the toys...or the one with reliability.

First, it seems a tiny bit of a "guy phone" in that it's not dainty, thin, etc. It has a wonderfully solid feel and the exterior of the case is 25% aluminum with the remainder of exposed plastic surfaces being coated with very smooth rubberized finish that just feels good to hold. I do not get the feeling I have to be ultra careful when holding this doesn't feel like it will slip out of my hand, but also feels like if it does, the damage would be minimized by the construction. Yes, it does have Verizon's boring commands set, but at least they've jazzed up the displays some so they're more functional and easier to read. scrolling through menu lists magnify the highlighted items so you can more easily see that entry. And let's face's just a phone, and once you've configured it, you shouldn't need a complex menu to keep adjusting.The display is brilliant...and so bright I had to turn mine down to the mid setting. Photos look great, vCast video is great, even though the screen is somewhat smaller than you want when viewing.

Again, it's a normal sized mobile phone screen, so don't expect the larger display on the Motorola V9, etc. (Speaking o the V9, I chose this phone over it.)For Mac users out there, even though the W755 plug-in is readily available and it quite good. There are several threads about configuring and using the W755 with iSync on Howard Forums. With assistance there I was easily able to add the plugin and sync the phone with my Mac. It's supporting both calendar and contacts, which many phones do not.Outer display. This is an area that, for me, falls short on most phones. I can never read anything on them and and not configurable enough. This outer display is small, but it's very visible, even outdoors. It's also configurable as far as wallpaper. Easy to read the time, date, or other vCast music options at a glance.
I only minimally tested the phone's music abilities as I use an iPod. However, it seemed very adequate in this category. I simply didn't purchase the phone to listen to tunes, so it wasn't that important to me. Overall, without making this too length, I couldn't be happier with this phone. I can't stress enough how great it just feels to hold and use, which is obviously an important feature to me." offers all sorts of accessories for the W755. Find accessories at discounted prices such as, Motorola W755 Batteries, Motorola W755 Bluetooth car kits, and Motorola W755 Headsets, Motorola W755 Holsters, Motorola W755 Leather Cases and much more. Whatever cell phone accessory you may need, be sure to browse the great selection at


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